1. Aaron Vickers and Lisa Welham in James Cousins' 'There We Have Been' on Waterfront Stage, Latitude. Photo: Ambra Vernuccio

    Feature: On the Waterfront - dance at Latitude 2014

    Wednesday 23 July 2014 by carmel smith

    Ten performances by seven companies, involving 49 performers and 45 production/technical crew - plus a rehearsal studio/barn more used to live stock and an 800 acre site to navigate... Continue Reading

  2. News: Choreographer Lucy Guerin works on National Theatre's Medea

    Monday 21 July 2014 by carmel smith

    Director Carrie Cracknell and Guerin talk to Lyndsey Winship in the Guardian about their collaboration, bringing dance and theatre closer together. Continue Reading

  3. News: PUSH - the making of a modern classic

    Friday 18 July 2014 by carmel smith 0 Comments

    Dance critics on why you mustn't miss these last performances & Sylvie Guillem & Russell Maliphant on how it came about... Continue Reading

  4. Saisons Russes 'Petrushka' Photo: Valeria Komissarova

    Review: LES SAISONS RUSSES DU XX1 SIÈCLE -mixed bills - Coliseum

    Graham Watts, Friday 18 July 2014— Performance: 11 & 13 July 2014

    Both of these stellar evenings of ballet ended with the same remarkable buzz. The melodies, the gigantic sound and exhilarating dancing combine to launch a rip-roaring finale quite unlike any ballet I’ve ev… Continue Reading

  5. Tim Casson and Dani B Larsen in 'Tamed', part of Flock at the InTRANSIT Festival.
Photo: Lee Faircloth / Cleverprime Photography.

    Interview: Tim Casson

    Wednesday 16 July 2014

    Choreographer, dancer and company director Tim Casson is a rising talent on the British dance scene. He tells us about his latest collaboration with composer Maxim Boon... Continue Reading

  6. Brasil Brasileiro at Sadler's Wells. Photo: Bettina Strenske

    Review: Brasil Brasileiro - Sadler's Wells

    Josephine Leask, Wednesday 16 July 2014— Performance: 8 - 27 July 2014

    The final act, Batucada, is the climax of an evening of energy, complex rhythmic dialogues and artistic expertise.This is the essence of Brazil. This is what they do best. Forget the football. Continue Reading

  7. Brasil Brasileiro - Sadler's Wells

    Press Review 3Rachel Ward, Telegraph, Wednesday 16 July 2014Performance 8 - 27 July 2014

    The show brings together over 38 artists, including singers, musicians and dancers – all recruited from the favelas rather than dance schools – and takes us loosely through the evolution of Brazilian social dance with such wide-eyed enthusiasm that it’s har… 

  8. 'Routes to the River' Siobhan Davies Dance. 3NP. Photo: Gorm Ashurst

    Review: Routes to the River - Big Dance 2014

    Samantha Whitaker, Tuesday 15 July 2014— Performance: 13 July 2014

    It’s not often I check the weather before going to see a dance production, but 'Routes to the River' takes place outside, in the parks and gardens between Siobhan Davies Studios & Southbank Ce… Continue Reading

  9. Paul White 'Anatomy of an Afternoon'. Photo: Paul Hyde

    Review: Paul White - Anatomy of an Afternoon - Purcell Room, Southbank Centre

    Jeffrey Gordon Baker, Tuesday 15 July 2014— Performance: 10 & 11 July 2014

    The taut musculature of Mr White seems to almost ooze around the stage at a subtly shifting, humid pace... Continue Reading

  10. Brasil Brasileiro - Sadler's Wells

    Press Review 4Liz Hoggard, Standard, Monday 14 July 2014Performance 8 - 27 July 2014

    Many of the dancers were recruited from the favelas rather than formal dance school, and this gives them a raw energy, as they switch from hyper-sexy to cartoon-tender in a second. Forget showgirls in feathers, this is sensuality rather than bootylicious cliché. 

  11. New English Ballet Theatre - Tryst: Devotion and Betrayal - Peacock Theatre

    Press Review 2Judith Mackrell, Guardian, Monday 14 July 2014Performance 2 - 5 July 2014

    What’s so enjoyable about Mad Women is not just the dryness of its wit and its deft U-turns of fantasy, but also that it elicits such alert, intelligent performances from its cast. 

  12. Yvonne Rainer - Dance Works - Raven Row

    Press Review 4Judith Mackrell, Guardian, Monday 14 July 2014Performance 11 July - 10 August 2014

    …at the heart of the exhibition are Rainer’s dances, four of which are being performed throughout its run. The most familiar is Trio A (1966), a 10-minute sequence of seemingly disconnected moves – from simple arm-swings to whimsically asymmetric footwo… 

  13. Paul White - Anatomy of an Afternoon - Purcell Room

    Press Review 5Luke Jennings, Observer, Monday 14 July 2014Performance 10 & 11 July 2014

    We discover [Paul] White gripped by a narcoleptic torpor, from which he gradually rouses himself, assuming a series of quasi-animal forms – now spiderish, now ape-like – before driving himself to sweat-drenched exhaustion through a series of raw, self-exploratory rituals.  

  14. Les Saisons Russes du XX1 siècle - Le Coq d’Or - London Coliseum

    Press Review 4Luke Jennings, Observer, Monday 14 July 2014Performance 8 - 10 July 2014

    Oleg Fomin is the idle, blustering King Dodon, Natalia Savelieva is the calculating Queen of Shemakha, all smouldering glances and sultry split jetés, and Pavel Okunev is the Golden Cockerel, a powerful and even threatening presence with his beating wings and stabbing feet.  

  15. Brasil Brasileiro - Sadler's Wells

    Press Review 2Clement Crisp, Financial Times, Sunday 13 July 2014Performance 8 - 27 July 2014

    What purports to be a survey of mostly Afro-Brazilian culture is interminable, cabaret-orientated and grimly eager. 


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