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  1. Leila MacMillan's 'Family Portrait'

    Interview: It's joyful. It's social. It's global....

    Friday 27 November 2015 by carmel smith

    Leila McMillan tells us about Flying Low and Passing Through technnique, running an award winning cafe - and her Wild Card evening at Sadler's Wells next week (3 Dec)... Continue Reading

  2. Motionhouse. Photo: Katja Orgin

    News: British Dance Edition in Wales, 2016

    Thursday 26 November 2015 by carmel smith

    British Dance Edition, the biennial showcase of UK dance is taking place in Wales for the first time next year. The event is organised by Coreo Cymru, a newly formed consortium and will take place across four v… Continue Reading

  3. Emerging Choreographer: Carrie-Anne Ingrouille

    News: Dance London Inspires! Awards announced

    Wednesday 25 November 2015 by carmel smith

    Carrie-Anne Ingrouille, C12 Dance Theatre and Creation Box studio were amongst the winners at a new dance awards event, set up to honour those making an impact in the development of dance...  Continue Reading

  4. Still from Rosemary Lee and Roswitha Chesher’s  'Liquid Gold is the Air'.

    News: Screen dance award for Rosemary Lee and Roswitha Cheshire

    Wednesday 25 November 2015 by carmel smith

    Their film 'Liquid Gold is the Air', part of a commission for IF: Milton Keynes International Festival in 2014, won the overall festival prize at Light Moves in Ireland last week... Continue Reading

  5. Ensemble in 'The Warrior Women of Yang', China National Peking Opera Company

    Review: China National Peking Opera Company - Warrior Women of Yang - Sadler’s Wells

    Graham Watts, Wednesday 25 November 2015 — Performance: 19 - 22 November 2015

    Jingju is an art form that defies western categorisation although I found it to be surprisingly accessible. This is not least due to the vibrancy of colour in the elaborate costumes... Continue Reading

  6. Aakash Odedra in 'Murmur'. Photo: Sean Goldthorp

    Review: Aakash Odedra Company - Murmur 2.0 - The Place

    Sarah Kent, Tuesday 24 November 2015 — Performance: 20 & 21 November 2015

    It's a compelling evocation of mental turmoil; yet Aakesh (with two "A"s) Odedra is such a fine dancer that he makes the clever ideas and visual fireworks seem superfluous. I’d happily watch … Continue Reading

  7. Akram Khan working with students from Roehampton’s Department of Dance.

    News: Akram Khan creates the moves for Big Dance 2016

    Monday 23 November 2015 by carmel smith

    He reached a global audience with his large scale work for the London 2012 – and in 2016 Khan's work will again be inspiring thousands of people across the world – this time to dance themselves. Continue Reading

  8. Sarah Dowling & Kath Duggan - 'Us Then'. Photo: milkfilmscafe

    Review: Sarah Dowling & Kath Duggan - Us Then - Laban Theatre

    Alice Westoby, Monday 23 November 2015 — Performance: 19 & 20 November 2015

    As part of Trinity Laban & Greenwich Dance's Compass Commissions Sarah Dowling & Kath Duggan give their own interpretation of Beckett's play, entitled 'Us Then'... Continue Reading

  9. The Royal Ballet - 'Monotones I'  - Yasmine Naghdi, Tristan Dyer, Emma Maguire. ©ROH, 2015. Photo: Bill Cooper

    Review: Royal Ballet - Monotones I and II / The Two Pigeons - Royal Opera House

    Graham Watts, Friday 20 November 2015 — Performance: 18 November - 5 December 2015

    Full marks to Kevin O’Hare for revitalising these two lesser-known but essential parts of the British ballet heritage & for dedicating such an uplifting evening to the people of Paris. Continue Reading

  10. Dog Kennel Hill Project - 'Choreography of An Argument Round a Table' Photo: Tony Wadham

    Review: Dog Kennel Hill Project - Choreography of An Argument Round a Table - The Place

    Josephine Leask, Friday 20 November 2015 — Performance: 17 November 2015

    A difficult but fascinating work, brilliantly performed. Like any juicy argument there are moments of real clarity when language & action flow rhythmically. At other times it is jarring, obscene & tedious... Continue Reading

  11. Royal New Zealand Ballet - 'Passchendaele' Photo: Ellie Richards

    Review: Royal New Zealand Ballet - A Passing Cloud - Linbury Studio Theatre, Royal Opera House

    Graham Watts, Thursday 19 November 2015 — Performance: 17 - 21 November 2015

    The Royal New Zealand Ballet has a predilection for quirkiness, perhaps even a tendency to break established traditions. It has always been a pioneering ensemble; juggling a repertoire of classical ballets ... Continue Reading

  12. Dance Proms 2015 - Lukas McFarlane - 'Dance UnTitled'. Photo: David Tett

    Review: Dance Proms 2015 - Royal Albert Hall

    Claire Cohen, Wednesday 18 November 2015 — Performance: 15 November 2015

    Inspiration and fun through dance is what the whole event was about. The Finale - when every group danced together in the arena and on stage, filling the enormous space of the venue - was another choreographic feat...  Continue Reading

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